Full Information About Indian e Business Visa to all Businessman

India loosened its visa policies for the business tourists to enhance business and employment opportunities later in the year 2014. To enable faster and easier arrival of foreign businessmen, India has eased the visa policies by launching Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

The nationals of foreign countries can apply for an Indian visa more conveniently through the Indian Government official website. By applying for a business visa to India online, the applicant gets an approval to visit India for 365 days with multiple permitted entries for business purposes. If the key purpose of any foreign tourist is to establish any kind of business venture, to purchase commercial or durable products or to attend any kind of business board meetings or discussions, that person can apply for the e-business visa India.

Procedure for Indian e-Business Visa Application:

The process of applying for an India e-business visa is pretty simple and convenient. Before applying for India e-visa for business, the applicant must have:

  • A valid proof of financial position and expertise in the same field of the proposed business.
  • Invitation letter from the Indian business entity with whom business is expected to be conducted
  • Detailed business card of the applicant
  • A passport with a minimum of six months validity left and 2 blank pages to be stamped by the immigration officer on arrival.

Along with all the above documents, the applicant has to upload a digital photograph with the following conditions:

  • The photograph should be equal in height and width.
  • The background of the photo must be white-colored or plain light-colored.
  • There should be no shadows on the photograph or its background.
  • There should be no borders in the photo to be uploaded.

The most important of all is to remember that the size of every document must be within 10 KB to 300 KB that too in PDF format. However, the size of the photograph must be within 10 KB to 1 MB, in JPEG format. Photograph with spectacles on is strictly prohibited.

Fill up the online Indian e-visa application form in a correct manner, upload all the above-written documents and pay the applicable fees amount as per your nationality. After the process of not more than 5 days, you will receive your approved visa through e-mail.

Citizens of more than 165 countries are eligible to apply for India business e-Visa. However, if the parents or grandparents of the applicant were born or lived in Pakistan, he/she cannot apply for an Indian e-business visa. If any of them want to visit India for any valid purpose, then they have to go through the traditional process of visa application.

The Applicant from the eligible countries must apply for the e-business visa at least 4 days in advance from the date of arrival to India with a window of 120 days.

Fees for Indian e-Business Visa:

The charges for e-Business Indian Visa is much more pocket-friendly than the traditional India business visa cost. The fees differ from one country to another, such as:

  • The fees for e-Business Visa India for the citizens of the USA, UK, Ukraine, Russia, and Mozambique is $100.
  • For the citizens of Australia, Hungary, Poland, The Philippines, Canada, Brazil, China, Belgium, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Kenya, Jordan Ireland, Finland, Mexico, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Vietnam, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Israel and New Zealand, the fees for Indian e-business visa is $80.
  • The applicants for India's e-business visa from Singapore, Japan and Sri Lanka have to pay a minor amount of 25$.

2.5% as bank transaction charges are applicable to the relevant fees charges of the e-business visa application.

Besides having validity for 365 days, the traveler can visit India for not more than 180 continuous days per visit, as stated by the Ministry of Home Affairs. If the foreign tourist needs to stay for more than 180 days, then he/ she has to get registered with FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Officer)/ FRO (Foreign Registration Office) within 2 weeks after the expiry of 180 days’ time period.

The relaxation in the business visa policies by the Indian Government depicts that they are interested in making the path for the foreign business visitors much easier to arrive in India and cause the economic growth of the country.

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